Alexandra Schnurr Piejko

visual communication / graphic design / web development

Hi, I'm Allie!
I love my "real" name but no one calls me that...

I specialize in visual communication and creative problem solving, from concept to execution. For over 15 years, I have provided a wide range of creative deliverables within agency and in-house corporate environments. I love being able to perform multiple disciplines – whether it's a logo, a folded brochure, or an immersive web page. My goal is to always consider how a targeted audience can positively interact with my designs while also better understanding a brand's tone or message.

I am a lifelong Upstate New Yorker.
Born and raised in Rochester, attended SUNY Oswego, and now live in Clinton.

Cups of Coffee a day
At least that's what I'm aiming for...

Years of Experience
My skills and work history are eclectic and have given me lots of perspective!

Amazing little boys!
My husband and I also house a feline who occassionally lets us pet her.

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Programs and Skills

My skillset has grown throughout the years and I live and breathe some of these programs, but there's ALWAYS more to learn!

Photoshop 100%
Illustrator 100%
InDesign 100%
Javascript 60%
MS Office, Acrobat Pro, Adobe Bridge, etc 70%
Multifaceted Campaigns 100%
Branding 100%
Website/Email Design 100%
Printed Collateral 100%
Photography 70%


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